Allan Fay - Owner of Tech Savvy Support

Allan Fay

Tech Man of the ages.

I've been working in IT and help desk services for over 15 years. I love all things tech and love to teach and learn. My goal is to make technology usable and convenient, as it was meant to be. We all know these devices that are supposed to lighten the load and make our lives easier can be impossible at times. The best we can do is keep those moments limited to few and far between. Routine maintenance can reduce these issues and that is my goal. To keep your supporting devices operating at a level where they make your life easier, so you can focus on what is most important to you.

What's most important to me: I have an amazing wife and 4 equally amazing kids (3 boys and 1 extra special little girl). I enjoy spending any extra time I have playing with my family. We enjoy playing games (board and video), playing/coaching sports, and taking trips to explore the world around us. I am originally from Southern California and my wife was raised in Maui, Hawaii. We miss the oceans and beaches but ultimately love the desert and the lifestyle we get to have in beautiful Southern Utah.


Rachel Ramsay- 

Dixie State University Assistant Professor of Digital Design

Allan Fay has helped me on multiple occasions with networking issues, software and malware fixes and computer repairs. He has a well-rounded knowledge from IOS and Android devices, Apple and PC operating sustems and more. His professionalism, promptness, attention to detail and customer service is unparalleled to other tech support companies I’ve worked with in the past. I know he will get it done and do it right!

Ana Mahoney-

Crete Coatings CEO

Ed Baca-

St.George City Councilman